Frequently Asked Questions

PAK’nSAVE Online is a Click & Collect online shopping service, which is available across our North Island stores. Simply choose your preferred timeslot and place an order online, and then pick up from the lockers located at store for only a $5 collection fee (plus $1 bag fee). 
You can shop online using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Just complete the registration on this site and start shopping. 
For the time being, you can shop online and then pick up your groceries from your selected store with Click & Collect. If we add a delivery option in future, we’ll be sure to communicate the news.

You need to be logged in to change your password. Please go to ‘My Account’ which is in the top right drop down. 

If you forget your password, click on ‘Forgotten password’ on the login screen, enter your registered email address and we’ll send you a link to reset your password. If you don’t receive our email in your inbox, please check your junk folder.  

If you are 18 years or over you can purchase alcohol online. You will need a proof of ID when you collect your shopping. It is illegal to make a false declaration of age in order to purchase alcohol. Please note that the following PAK’nSAVE stores do not sell alcohol: Lincoln North, Henderson, Westgate and Mt Albert. 

You can buy most things online however there are some exclusions such as flowers, gift cards, tobacco, hot food, oversized items and very heavy items. 

No, we do not supply trade customers. If we suspect that you are purchasing goods for resale, then we will not fulfil your order.
For food safety reasons, we have to use new bags for each order.
Your trolley will be saved automatically if you are logged in. Items will remain in your trolley until you purchase them. No matter what device you sign in from, you’ll be able to see any items you’ve added. Please keep in mind that specials and deals are only available for a certain period of time and will be priced at the date the order is submitted.
To cancel an order, go to My Orders, select the order and follow the prompts to cancel.

To change an order, go to My Orders, select the current order you would to like to edit by clicking on view/change, and follow the prompts. Please note that the updates to your order may result in a change in the total price of your shop, based on the time the amends are made.

Once you've checked out, you'll receive a confirmation email, detailing all the products, quantities and an estimated order value.

You can order up to 7 days in advance of the day you want to collect your groceries from your PAK'nSAVE store. Occasionally we may release timeslots early which will be displayed within the timeslot selection dropdown.
If a product you have ordered is not available, we will try to substitute it with a similar product of equal or higher quality, but we will only charge you an equal or lower price. 

You can place, change or cancel your order up to 24 hours prior to your order pick-up time.

The minimum order value is only $1.

Your groceries will be packed into eco-friendly paper bags and a flat $1 fee will be applied, regardless of how many bags are required for your order.
If you prefer that no bags are used, please state this in the Order Details screen before submitting your order. The store will then endeavour not to use bags and won’t charge a bag fee if other packaging options are available (e.g. cardboard boxes).

Before submitting your order you can let us know if you are happy for us to substitute an alternative item for you if the one you have chosen is out of stock. If you let us know that you happy to accept substitutions, your Personal Shopper will endeavour to select a similar item for you if the original item you have ordered is unavailable.

There are some products we do not substitute such as alcohol, baby formula, hair dye and vitamins. These products are usually specifically chosen by customers based on personal taste and preference and therefore aren’t appropriate to substitute.

Your order is assembled by a personal shopper at your chosen PAK'nSAVE store. 

While we endeavour for our online prices to match in-store prices, they may not always be the same.

A nominal charge of $1 will be taken from your payment card at the time your order is placed and then for each subsequent edit, to ensure your card is valid. These charges will be reversed by your bank within 7 days.

Payment is then finalised when we have assembled your order, which in most cases is the day your order is due to be collected.

You can pay either by credit or debit card - Visa or Mastercard. American Express cards are also accepted at most stores, with the exception of PAK’nSAVE Mangere and PAK’nSAVE New Plymouth.

If your credit or debit card is declined by your financial institution, we will contact you to make alternative payment arrangements. We can only release your order for collection once it has been paid.

The service fee for Click & Collect is $5, whatever the value of your order.

You will find most advertised specials available online.

Most specials run for one week, starting on Monday and finishing on Sunday – however at times there will be specials that run for shorter or longer periods of time. Check out the product screen to find out when specials are valid.
Any product special advertised on the day the order is placed will be honoured, regardless of the order pick up date.
The final value of your order may differ from the estimated total. Items in your order are charged at the price applicable at the time you submit your order or any subsequent order amends, except in the following cases:
  • when an item is out of stock – you won’t be charged for that item;
  • if we substitute an item – you'll be charged an equal or lower price than the price of the original item;
  • variable weight products – when we pack your order, we weigh the items and charge the price per kilo at the time you ordered for the exact weight supplied.
Yes, you do; it will be emailed to you after we assemble your order. You will receive a packing list with your order. 

Yes, you will receive a fuel voucher with your order. This voucher will be printed on your packing slip (which you receive with your order) and on your invoice (which is emailed to you).

The fuel voucher value will be determined on the day your order is placed or edited, not the day that the order is collected (or delivered). It can be used only used once and the expiry date will be printed on the voucher.

To collect your groceries, simply head to the lockers located at the store where you placed your order and enter the code supplied via email. In most cases lockers are situated outside the store, and there are reserved carparks in front for your convenience. In other cases, lockers may be situated inside the store.

We can only supply alcohol to customers 18 years or older, so if your order includes alcohol you will not be able to access your locker until you show a valid NZ ID to one of our team members. To get a team member to meet you at the lockers, please use the intercom located next to the lockers. Valid forms of ID include an 18+ HANZ Card, a current NZ Driver’s Licence or a current Passport. If you’re unable to show a valid ID which proves you are 18 years or older, any alcohol in your order will be removed and a refund will be issued for those withdrawn products.

It is important that you choose a timeslot that you will be able to meet, however if you find yourself unable to collect your order within that timeslot please call our contact centre on 0800 725 672 to make alternative arrangements. In order to ensure the temperature integrity of chilled and frozen items and/or release the locker to the next customer, it is likely that we will remove your order from the allocated locker for safe keeping within the store.

To change your timeslot after you’ve submitted your order, go to My Orders, select the current order you’d like to update and follow the prompts.
Please note that you can make changes to your order up to 24 hours prior to your collection time.

We promise that all items picked for you will have the freshest date available, and we will assemble your order and treat it just like it was our own.

A dedicated personal shopper handpicks your order. Personal shoppers are professional shoppers that have been trained to select products as if they were shopping for their own families.

We actively support the following browsers on desktop, mobile and tablet:

Browser Browser version Operating system
Chrome 69 and above Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, Android 6, 7, 8 
 IE 11 and above Windows 7, 8, 10
 Edge 15 and above Windows 7, 8, 10
 Firefox  62 and above Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS
 Safari 11 and above Mac OS, iOS 11, 12


As new browsers are released, we test these too and ensure our site is fully supported. While PAK’nSAVE Online may work on earlier browser versions, we can’t guarantee the reliability of our site on these browsers.