Eastern Suburbs Sports Trust

Posted on:
14 Jul 2011


Brian Galt is the owner of PAK'nSAVE Kilbirnie and previously owned both New World Miramar and Kilbirnie. He was in the United States in 1996 where a local supermarket was giving 2 cents from the sale of a can of baked beans to help build a local hospital. The 2 cents was funded by the supplier and leveraged through the business done with the particular store.
He decided he could use this concept to help raise funds for his interest, which is sport. The Eastern Suburbs Sports Trust was established with Brian personally investing a considerable amount of money in legal fees to get the trust set up properly and this enabled it to be granted Charitable Status by the Inland Revenue Department.
The trust started from small beginnings with two companies, Heinz Watties and Quality Bakers. The trust has now grown to have nine companies who donate funds from sale of their products.
The trust has come a long way but the concept remains the same and the trust has donated over $750,000 to date, which has been donated to different sporting clubs, Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools and sporting individuals who reside in the Eastern Suburbs. There have been over 600 grants to date. The trustees are Brian Galt, Gary Hurring and Evan Gray and they meet on the 1st Wednesday of every month and go through the applications received for the month and give the grants accordingly.

Objective of the trust

The objective of the Eastern Suburbs Sports Trust is to promote, assist, support and encourage participation and expertise in all forms or amateur sport, both competitive and recreational, to help foster and encourage the development of primarily Junior Sports located in the Eastern Suburbs.
These funds are for financial assistance to individuals, clubs or teams who reside or are located in the Eastern Suburbs only, however the executives of the trust reserve the right of refusal of an application.

Terms & conditions of the trust 

The term "Eastern Suburbs" means the Eastern Suburbs of the city of Wellington, being bounded by the sea and being delineated to the west by the top of the ridge of hills comprising Mount Victoria to the north and Melrose to the south. The executive of the trust will not consider any applications that do not meet these criteria.