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Meat can be expensive, unless you shop at PAK'nSAVE, especially during our meat week. That's even cheaper.

As vegetarians the world over prove, you don’t actually need meat in your diet to be happy and healthy. But it does contain lots of protein and other goodies that keep your body happy (and if you’ve ever been to a BBQ you know we kiwis reckon it’s delicious too!).

Here are some tasty tips for buying meat.

  • So allow about 120g uncooked meat per person, or 100g cooked meat. (This may not seem a lot, but it's all that is needed for most people).
  • “Stretch” your meat by adding a handful of red lentils to mince meals, beans to Mexican dishes, and an extra tin of tomatoes to bolognese. Serve curried sausages instead of plain bangers, chicken risotto instead of a roast chook and so on.
  • Watch out for fatty cuts of meat. By the time you've trimmed off the fat, you could have lost any savings you might have made.
  • Casseroles and slow cookers are a great way of using cheaper cuts of meat. A casserole needs a long, slow cooking time. Don't turn the oven up to hurry it up. A pressure cooker or a slow cooker is easier on the electricity. If you can, make extra and freeze for another meal that will save you electricity or gas.
  • Encourage hungry teenagers towards other sources of protein. Eggs are cheap and yummy – try an omelette or scrambled eggs. Beans are delicious, especially when cooked Mexican-style: you can serve tins of refried beans or chilli beans in wraps or over rice. And everyone loves cheese.
  • Plan “meatless Mondays”. Cutting meat from just one meal a week will save you heaps and encourage your family to try out new recipes.