Colgate Kids Junior Bluey Extra Soft Toothbrush Ages 2-5 Years 1pk

$2.79 per 1ea
2 79 ea

Colgate Junior Bluey Manual Toothbrush is made with extra soft bristles for an effective and gentle clean.

The toothbrush is designed with:
- Small head for easy access to child's mouth.
- Thumb grip and rounded handle for a comfortable grip.
- Suction cup for easy and fun upright storage.

Suitable for children aged 2 - 5 years and older who have all their baby teeth and are developing molars.

This toothbrush is recyclable. Recycle toothbrush through TerraCycle.

After use, rinse toothbrush thoroughly and shake off excess water. To store the toothbrush upright, ensure the suction cup is moist and affix it to a smooth horizontal surface.

Dentists and hygienists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months. BRUSH HEAD IS NOT REPLACEABLE.

Pack Size: 1 Extra Soft Bristle Kids Manual Toothbrush
Bluey Characters and Colours may vary.