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Sticky Coffee

The easy way to score yourself a free coffee!

What is a Sticky Coffee offer?

It’s the easy way to score yourself a free coffee. Simply purchase any eight hot drinks at our participating in-store cafes and get the ninth one free!

How do I get a free Sticky Coffee?

Simply scan your Sticky Club tag every time you buy a coffee or other hot drink at any of our participating in-store cafés to earn a Coffee Stamp. Your account will keep track of your purchases and once you’ve earned eight Coffee Stamps, your next hot drink purchase is free. To redeem it, simply scan your tag at the café checkout to get the discount.

I can’t wait! How can I see how close I am to a free Sticky Coffee?

Your current Coffee Stamps balance will be printed on your till receipt and displayed in your weekly PAK’nSAVE email.

What happens to my Coffee Stamps if I am part of a household?

Your Coffee Stamps balance will be pooled together with the other members of your household so you’ll earn your free coffee faster.

Who can redeem a Sticky Coffee if I am part of a household?

First in, first served! The free coffee will be awarded to the first person in the household who scans their Sticky Club tag at the in-store café and chooses to redeem the reward.

Can I gift my Coffee Stamps to someone else?

Afraid not. As your Coffee Stamps balance is tracked through your Sticky Club account, you’ll only receive your free coffee provided your tag (or a household member’s tag) is scanned for each qualifying hot drink purchase.


Sticky Coffee deals are only available for South Island PAK'nSAVE customers.