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Welcome to our Fresh Market Updateâ„¢! This is where you can find all the latest and greatest information surrounding fresh produce and the variety of items you can find in season this month. You will be intrigued to find out what will be our best in market deals, exploring topical recipes and the overall journey from farm to plate for our seasonal products.
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november 2023 

November is the last month of spring bringing warmer days with longer sunlight hours. This is great news for ensuring an excellent supply of our spring and summer produce in stores.
To maximise the gut health benefits of spring produce, visit the 5+ A Day website for a range of tips and recipes or follow @5adaynz on social media for recipe inspiration and great seasonal giveaways!

Love strawberries?

Strawberry season is here! Check out our favourite strawberry recipes, and our top advice on buying, storing, preserving and preparing this fruity fave! 

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