You could save $165 on power

Simply by switching power companies you could save money on your annual power bill. What's My Number provides an easy way to check what you could save by switching.

What's My Number?

Switch and save

Not only can you PAK'nSAVE, but you can Plug'nSave too. With one quick visit to  - you could save an average of $165 on your annual household bill, just by switching power companies. That's a year's worth of washing powder, or thirty kilograms of peanuts. Imagine that!

Just by shopping around, many of us can find a better deal on power. makes the process really easy and it only takes 3 minutes.

Over 400,000 kiwis have already found the number they'd save, so maybe you should give it a nudge too.

About What's My Number

What's My Number is a campaign developed to provide consumers with information about the ability to switch electricity suppliers, the ease of switching and the potential savings that can make on electricity bills by switching.