Your budgeting tips

Need some inspiration from fellow shoppers? View the budgeting tips provided by PAK'nSAVE fans or leave your own by commenting below.

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Plan ahead

Lisette M recommends you “Make a weekly menu. Only shop for the food required for the menu. No wastage.” Susan B likes to “Have a list on the fridge, when something is opened write it on the list so you know you need to replace it, saves rushing around making a list.” Jodi T also reckons it's a good idea to "stocktake before you go so you don't double up on what you already have".

Sharon N is VERY organised! “We use a pre-printed shopping list. We've typed up all the usual things we buy on a table/excel spreadsheet and we have it arranged in the order of the aisles of the PAK'nSAVE we go to. So as we go along the aisles we know what we need to get as we walk past. We just circle on the list. Or for example under "Baking Needs" we might write beside it Wholemeal flour, or sugar etc. Helps avoid missing things”

Maureen L does her research: "Check out before you go shopping what is on special offer or in season, and then plan the weeks menu's around those items." 

Rachel W likes to “Plan meals in advance, buy basics is bulk and sign up for the emails to get all the best deals. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for PAK’nSAVE emails here.

Tracey B recommends you “Join the PAK'nSAVE Christmas Club - they do automatic payments so win win.” You can find out more about PAK’nSAVE’s Christmas Club here.

Get Shop Smart

Aaron D says “Make sure when looking at an item to check the price per 100grams. You may be shocked to discover that many sale items are still more expensive than other brands when comparing it by weight. I will even pay a little more on the day if I know I am getting more product at a cheaper price by weight in total.” Diane C says “Always check multi pack toilet rolls, they are shorter per roll which adds up to more than two rolls less than other smaller packs.”

Valerie M likes to “have a price limit for each item and know what you need and want you want if you cannot find it for that price or under (price per item) don’t get it.”

Deborah S likes to “Eat a full lunch or dinner then go shopping with a list. You spend less, you’re not hungry so you don’t look a sugar quick fixes to nibble on in car on way home.” Dean J says "always make a shopping list and stick to it."

Anne M prefers to “Shop with cash. Concentrates the mind on what is necessary (and what is not).” Tracy N likes to “Take a calculator to the supermarket so there is no surprise at the checkout”, while Anne D recommends one "so you can work out the best deals". 

Vanessa S says “Best way to save money is do your food shopping alone… then there is no one else to help spend your money buy sneaking extras into the trolley!”

Cook Carefully

Hineari B says “Because a lot of meat isn't cheap I buy small portions and bulk up meals with pasta/rice and frozen and/or canned vegetables which are non-perishables and can be called upon anytime.”

Paul J prefers to “Plan your menus around the fruit and veg that are in season.” Sandra V says “When making bolognese mince or chilli mince, I add in a cup of pre-cooked red lentils. They have great protein and stretch the mince a lot further.”

Raewyn M recommends “Include 2 'meatless meals’ a week if you can.” Need inspiration? Check out vegetarian recipes here. Sarah H, likes to “Buy reduced meat and freeze it.” Sharon G uses the freezer for something else: “Bulk buy cheese/s grate, then freeze in usable sizes. Defrost in the fridge. Use!!!”

But finally...

Hilarie F says “Surely the best saving tip is Shop at PAK'nSAVE!

Do you have any savings tips? Share them below!