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22 delicious leftover chicken recipes 

Got leftover chicken from a rotisserie chook or Sunday night roast? Here are our favourite recipes to easily use up leftover roasted or shredded chicken tonight.

22 easy recipes to use up leftover chicken

Leftover chicken is a pretty common occurrence in many Kiwi households. Whether you’ve made yourself a roast, or simply need a way to use up the last of a rotisserie chicken from your PAK’nSAVE deli, we’ve got heaps of great suggestions for ways to use leftover chicken. If you don’t have any leftovers just use shredded chicken, rotisserie chicken or your own homemade pulled chicken.

These chicken recipes aren’t just useful in a pinch — if you plan well, you can squeeze extra meals out of a single roast chicken. Not only do you reduce food waste, but you’ll eat well and pay less. If you’re interested in following a meal plan or learning to create your own, be sure to check out our budget meal planners. For more super savey tips, head on over to our saving ideas hub.

Chicken pot pie


This delicious chicken pot pie makes for fantastic comfort food on a chilly winter’s evening. Better still, it’s already designed for using up your leftover chicken. Follow the recipe as it is, and use whatever chicken is left in your fridge.

View recipe: Chicken pot pie

Chicken spinach filo

For dinner or lunch, these chicken spinach filos are a great way to finish up your leftover chicken using things you might already have in your pantry and freezer.


View recipe: Chicken spinach filo

Chicken & broccoli pasta bake

Add flavour, substance and a little bit of green veg to your cooked chicken with this cosy pasta bake. To use roast chicken in this pasta bake, simply skip the second step and instead substitute the chicken for your leftovers.


View recipe: Chicken & broccoli pasta bake

Chicken & corn soup

This recipe already calls for shredded chicken, so just swap that for whatever chicken leftovers you have. Using creamed corn and precooked chicken, this is a super quick chicken & corn soup for those nights where you need comfort food quickly.


View recipe: Chicken & corn soup

Chicken noodle soup

Warm yourself up from the inside out with this soul-healing chicken noodle soup. While this recipe calls for whole chicken breasts, it’s just as simple to make with leftover chicken. Simply omit the whole chicken breasts and shred your cooked chicken, to add in place of the freshly cooked chicken in step 5.


View recipe: Chicken noodle soup

Chicken & leek soup

This creamy chicken & leek soup is an easy one for using up leftovers. Sub the shredded chicken for your leftover chicken by just stripping any meat off the bones and pulling it with two forks, or chopping into small pieces.

View recipe: Chicken & leek soup

Chicken pho

Use up your leftover chicken meat and get some more use from the frame or carcass as well. Remove any leftover meat from the frame, then use the frame in place of the whole chicken in steps 2-4. Finally, add the leftover meat to the broth in step 5 and continue the recipe as normal.

View recipe: Chicken pho

Chicken vegetable soup

To make this chicken vegetable soup using leftovers, use your leftover chicken carcass in place of the whole chicken, and remove the frame and any loose bones in step 3. Then, simply add your shredded cooked chicken meat in step 5.

View recipe: Chicken vegetable soup

Tandoori chicken pizza

If you don’t have a lot of leftover chicken, homemade pizza is a great way to use up the last little bits. We use Patak’s Tandoori paste to liven up your cold chicken for this Indian-style pizza, but you can use any spice or curry paste you like.  

View recipe: Tandoori chicken pizza

BBQ chicken pizza

Flavour your shredded chicken with your favourite BBQ sauce, then throw it on a pizza! Mixing cold pulled chicken from your Sunday roast with a sauce is a great way to give it new life and make it feel like you aren’t eating leftovers.

View recipe: BBQ chicken pizza

Apricot chicken pizza

Dollops of apricot sauce add bursts of sweetness to savoury chicken, onion and cheese. Use last night’s roast to make tonight’s gourmet homemade pizza.

View recipe: Apricot chicken pizza

Butter chicken pizza

What do you do when one person wants curry, and another wants pizza? You have both! Put your leftover chicken to good use with a few tablespoons of butter chicken sauce. If you’re having a pizza night at home, why not make this butter chicken pizza and our tandoori chicken pizza, and serve with raita as a dipping sauce.

View recipe: Butter chicken pizza

Chicken cranberry pizza

This classic flavour combo is right at home on a pizza, and made so much easier by using leftover chicken. Shred your chicken and toss it onto a pizza base with cranberry sauce and brie or camembert.

View recipe: Chicken cranberry pizza

Creamy chicken casserole

As written, this recipe calls for a whole chicken, boiled and then shredded. However, it’s easy to swap out the whole chicken for whatever chicken you have at hand. You can easily bulk out the casserole with additional vegetables from your freezer.

View recipe: Creamy chicken casserole

Coconut curry chicken

You might already have most of the ingredients for this coconut curry chicken in the pantry. While the recipe calls for cubed chicken breast, it’s easy to swap that out for your cooked chicken. Shred or slice your cooked chicken, toss it in your spices as described in step 3, then move on to step 4 without browning the chicken.

View recipe: Coconut curry chicken

Chicken Caesar wrap

Save yourself some time in this chicken caesar wrap recipe. Skip the chicken breast and go straight to using your leftovers. Go on, pile in as much or as little chicken as you like, with rashers of bacon, crunchy cos lettuce and lashings of caesar dressing.  

View recipe: Chicken Caesar wrap

Chicken, corn and chickpea salad

For a healthy, easy lunch, shred your leftover chicken and add it to this extremely simple chicken salad. Throw it together and take it to school or work — it couldn’t be easier.

View recipe: Chicken, corn and chickpea salad

Crispy noodle, chicken & mandarin salad

Shred Sunday night’s roast and toss it with crispy noodles and mandarin segments. This is another easy grab-and-go lunch chicken salad. Just be sure to keep the dressing separate from the rest of the salad until you serve it, so the noodles stay crunchy.

View recipe: Crispy noodle, chicken & mandarin salad

Sweet & sour chicken stir fry

You can add extra oomph to your cold chicken by tossing it in a stir fry. Of course, with the chicken already cooked, you only want to heat it through. Follow the recipe, but leave the chicken out until step 4, where you’ll add the chicken with the optional cashews.

View recipe: Sweet & sour chicken stir fry

Chicken & vegetable stir fry

To substitute the chicken breast for your shredded chicken in this simple stir fry, simply skip cooking the chicken in step 1. Then follow the recipe as normal, adding your leftover chicken in step 3 as described.

View recipe: Chicken & vegetable stir fry

Satay chicken stir fry

Satay is a Kiwi favourite, combining spicy Thai sweet chilli and earthy, rich peanut butter. For this simple chicken stir fry, swap out the cubed chicken thigh with your shredded cooked chicken. Hold the chicken, then add it in with the sauce in step 3. Allow the sauce to thicken, then serve on rice.

View recipe: Satay chicken stir fry

Hungry for more chicken recipes?

At PAK’nSAVE, we’re all about getting you more for your money and serving up delicious food for less. That’s why we’ve put together loads of scrumptious chicken recipes and how-to guides to get you in the kitchen, excited about cooking and saving money.

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