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Making smart choices when you shop for groceries will make your dollars go further. Here are some tips to help you choose wisely when doing your weekly shop. 


How to make your veges last longer

Vegetables are versatile, delicious, and of course, nutritious. Make the most of vegetables by buying when in season, storing carefully and varying the way they're served.

Vegetables don't have to be expensive. Frozen and canned vegetables are as good as fresh vegetables. Choose canned vegetables in water without salt.

If a recipe has an expensive vegetable, look for an alternative, or try a different recipe. Expensive usually means out of season and aren't as good anyway - bookmark that recipe for when the veg you're looking for is in season!

  • Vegetables are still alive after harvest so handle them gently.
  • Use the vegetables that don't last so long first. (Green vegetables don't last as long as carrots, potatoes, etc).
  • Store most green vegetables, cauliflower, carrots and parsnips in plastic bags in the fridge, so they last longer.
  • Store potatoes, kumara, uncut pumpkin and onions in a cool, dark, dry place. Don't store in plastic bags.
  • Wrap cut pumpkin in plastic-film and store in the fridge.
  • Store mushrooms in a paper bag in the fridge.
  • Store tomatoes at room temperature, not in the fridge.

Waste less by freezing

Did you know that most foods can be frozen and used when you need them? Use these tips to save your money and get the most out of your freezer.


Cook in bulk

Use less busy moments to cook bulk meals and freeze them for the evenings where you don’t have time to cook. Often buying ingredients and cuts of meat in bulk can save you money in the long-run too.


Buy frozen fruit and veges

Buying fresh fruit and veges can get expensive. Especially if something you need to buy is no longer in season. Beat high fresh vege prices by buying frozen vegetables. Stock your freezer with frozen beans, peas, cauliflower, berries, corn and carrots to name a few. Add them to soups, casseroles, stews and smoothies. They‘ll last longer than fresh veges, and they’re just as good for you. 

Freeze fresh herbs

If your fresh herbs are beginning to wilt, pop them in ice cube trays with water and freeze them. That way you’ll always have fresh herbs to add plenty of flavour to your meals.

Put bread straight into your freezer

Bread is one of the most common foods that’s thrown out when it’s stale or mouldy. Buy bread when it’s on special and keep it in your freezer. That way it’ll stay fresh and mould-free. Take out slices when you need them and from now on you’ll use the whole loaf from crust to crust, guaranteed!

Freeze leftovers

If you’ve made too much food, don’t throw it away. Even if it’s just a bit of mashed potato, mince or vegetables, pop it in the freezer while you think about how to turn it into another meal. Chances are, if you put leftovers in the fridge you’ll forget about them and end up throwing them out.