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Savey Kids Birthday Party Food

Kathrine Lynch from Busy Happy Kids is a superhero at sussing out savey ideas by shopping at PAK’nSAVE. 

After the success of her 50 school lunches for under $100 challenge we asked her to put together some ideas on how to cater a kids birthday party with fresh, healthy and fun snacks and treats that were still savey on your wallet.

Shopping at PAK’nSAVE Mill Street, Kathrine found everything she needed to create healthy and fun snacks and treats for a kid’s birthday party. Catering for 15 people she managed to make 11 fresh and tasty treats for only $7.50 per person.

Kathrine’s menu, shopping list and recipes are all below and you can mix and match to create a party spread that works best for your tastes and budget!

Kathrine also picked up a birthday cake from her local PAK’nSAVE to celebrate. Check out the offerings at your local store.

Kid's Birthday Party Recipes

  • Caterpillar Club Sandwiches
  • Cheese Straws
  • Sweet and Sticky Chicken Nibbles
  • Kettle Corn
  • Mini Bacon and Egg Pies
  • Mini Pizzas
  • Peanut Boost Balls
  • Pita Chips
  • Sparkling Juice

PLUS she created:

  • Fruit Kebabs
  • Vegetable Platter with Hummus
  • Cheese and Salami bites (serve on a toothpick)

Birthday parties don't have to be expensive. They are times for treats. Choose a few special party foods the children will love. You don't need to serve lots of different foods. The excitement of the party and a few treat foods is usually enough.

Party tips
  • Lollies appear everywhere at birthday parties - prizes, party bags, cake decorations, etc. You probably don't need a bowl of lollies as well.
  • Serve fruit juice with lots of ice cubes or flavoured milk rather than fizzy drink.
  • Arty bags add expense to a party. Instead let children take home a piece of cake, their party hat and a balloon.

Birthday Party Shopping List:

You can download the menu and shopping list here to take with you to PAK'nSAVE.

Item Weight/Amount Cost
Carrots x2  $    0.92
Celery Half x1  $    2.99
Cucumber Telegraph x1  $    3.99
Garlic 0.031kg  $    0.87
Red Grapes 0.343kg  $    2.74
Kiwifruit Green x4  $    0.74
Pineapple x1  $    3.99
Cherry Tomatoes  250g Punnet  $    4.99
White Button Mushrooms x4  $    1.46
Onions x1  $    0.29
Oranges x2  $    1.19
Tomatoes x3  $    2.21
Anchor Cream Cheese 250g  $    3.49
Anchor Milk 300ml  $    1.19
Beehive Bacon 200g  $    3.59
Country Goodness Dip 250g  $    2.69
Just Hummus 175g  $    3.19
Petit Normand Butter 200g  $    3.59
Pieters Salami 250g  $    4.69
Rolling Meadow Cheese 250g  $    4.29
Chicken Wings 1.3kg  $    7.85
Ham 300g  $    2.20
Dannys Wholemeal Pita Bread x5  $    4.29
White Sandwich Bread x2  $    3.98
Farrahs Snack Wraps x8  $    4.89
Greggs BBQ Sauce 585g  $    2.99
Highmark Soy Sauce 550ml  $    2.39
Kiwi Blue Sparkling Water 1.25l x3  $    5.07
Leggos Pizza Sauce 200g  $    2.49
Pams Cocoa Powder 250g  $    3.29
Pams Dessicated Coconut 250g  $    2.29
Pascalls Mashmallows 210g  $    2.50
Raro x3 Pack  $    0.99
True Value Dates 375g  $    1.79
Tip Top English Muffin Splits x6  $    3.29
Value Blanched Peanuts 500g  $    2.79
Value Popping Corn 300g  $    1.69
Morning Harvest size 7 Eggs x12  $    4.49
- TOTAL  $112.37

Total cost per person (15 people) - $7.49

*Pricing is rounded up and based on the cost of all ingredients for the 11 snacks and treats purchased at PAK’nSAVE Mill Street in July 2018. Costs may vary at a different store on a different day.