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Homemade takeaways

How to make your own takeaway style meals that will save money. The family will love it!

Although there are loads of healthier takeaway options around, most tempt us with soft drinks, up-sizing and extras like cookies and desserts. Save cash by giving your favourite takeaways a healthy makeover and eat-in instead.

Takeaways are great for special occasions, on holidays or when we're too busy or tired to cook but they can be hard on the budget. Plus, because they're often high in fat and salt, takeaways can be hard on our bodies as well.

Think of your PAK'nSAVE as a place for takeaways too. Grabbing a pre-prepared meal that only needs re-heating or a cooked chicken is just as quick as going to a takeaway shop and much cheaper and healthier.

Even better than buying takeaways is keeping food on hand that will take less time to throw together than it will take for a pizza to arrive. Think easy meals made from ingredients that last in the cupboard or freezer, then look out for specials and stock up. How about tins of chickpeas and a curry simmer sauce for a yummy Indian meal; pizza bases in the freezer which can be dressed up with all sorts of odds and ends, or a pack of dried spaghetti with fancy pasta sauce.

Popcorn chicken

Love the idea of little fried chicken bites, but want to stay away from the greasy takeaway version? Now you can make these delicious little morsels at home and the kids will love you for it.

Chop Suey

Chop suey (sapasui) is a Pacific favourite. Want a healthier version, but don’t want to lose out on all the flavour? Try this delicious version and replace the beef with lean chicken or pork for a tasty twist.

Sweet ‘n’ sour chicken

Try a healthier version of this classic Chinese takeaway dish, with natural sweetness and a flavour combination everyone loves. Add fresh chilli or chilli flakes to spice things up!

Homemade pizzas

Get the kids involved in making healthy pizzas. Buy wholemeal pizza bases or pita breads, cover with tomato paste and get creative. Take a look at these topping ideas for inspiration:

  • Spicy lamb mince, red onion and natural yoghurt
  • Frozen prawns, chilli and rocket
  • Chicken thigh, capsicum and pesto 
  • Roasted pumpkin, broccoli and caramelised onion
  • Eggplant, courgette, mushroom, red onion and olives
  • Goats cheese, sun-dried tomato and spinach

Fish ‘n’ chips

  • Put a healthy twist on this Friday night favourite. We’re pretty sure the whole family will love these homemade fish ‘n’ chips. 

    Use breadcrumbs and herbs to coat your fish and pan-fry or bake, or you can buy frozen fish fillets instead.
    Use sweet potato, kumara or potatoes to make oven-baked chips.
    Serve with a homemade coleslaw (carrot, cabbage and parsley).
    Try making your own tartare or tomato sauce.


PAK'nSAVE and the Heart Foundation

We’re proud to join forces with the Heart Foundation to bring you simple, healthy, delicious recipes that won’t break the bank.

Healthy food doesn’t have to use expensive ingredients or be complicated to make. Our hacks are here to help you get yummy meals, packed with veges on your plate, whatever your situation – whether you’ve got a tribe to feed, or simply don’t have time to cook.